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mac osx emulatordownloadDownload free video game emulators for playing classic console game backups on the Apple OSX. Emulators will help you enjoy Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) • Nintendo DS (NDS, DS Lite, DSi) • Gameboy Advance (GBA) • 8bit NES classic and thousands upon thounds more classic video games.

All too often Mac users suffer for delaid game releases, and in gener a lot smaller game library than that of the PC or VG consoles, but with the use of emulator software you can expande your game collection to include classics like Super Mario 64, Super Metroid, Street Fighter II (SNES) , Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Metal Gear Solid, X-COM: UFO Defense (DOS/Win), Elite (ZX), Chrono Trigger and many many more games originaly made for Atari, SEGA, Nintendo or even ZX Spectrum...

VBA Link - Mario 64 Bac OSX Download

Though there are many versions and modifications of this emulator, it is Peterb that created the latest and greatest version. VBA-M comes with brand new features and bug fixers. It runs smoothly under Mac OSX on intel Macs. Even though it can run without the GBA BIOS, it will perform better if you download the bios file and link i tto the VBA emulator.

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