BioShock for Mac OS X

BioShock download osxPlaying Bioshock is a great gaming experience. This video game is considered to be in first-person shooting. On the 7th of October, 2009, this game was released for Mac OS X and in the year to come, a second installment for this game is said to be released. Unlike other games of the same genre, Bioshock is set in the year 1960, but with a twist.

The player would play the role of a survivor from a plane that just crashed, by the name of Jack. He is going to explore and take an adventure to the city of Rapture, which is located underwater. Aside from this, Jack should be able to be able to survive the numerous attacks that would be done by beings that seem to have mutated, and at the same time, are populated by mechanical drones. Players would be able to see that the video game is not only established on the element of game that is survival in nature, but at the same time, it is also incorporates the element of a role-playing game.

When you try to take a look at the comments and reviews being given to the game, you would immediately see that people would say positive things about it. One of the most commendable comments given to Bioshock is that it is the kind of game that is based on morality. The storyline is also situated at an environment that is immersive.
By playing the game, you would be able to customize how you would actually like to play the game, and at the same time, it also has stealthy elements. With the use of so-called plasmids, as well as weapons, the players would be able to accomplish the objectives. If you would like to stay undetected, you may make use of tactics for stealth, which means that you would no longer be seen through the security cameras, and even on turrets that are automated. As you continue to explore Rapture, you would be able to collect money, and this may be utilized whenever you need to purchase from vending machines, which offer items for ammunition, other kinds of equipment, and health.

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