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Call of Duty 4 download osxThe video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the kind of game that situates the player as the first person, and in this case, as the shooter. In the month of September in 2008, this game was released in Australia, Europe, as well as in North America. Even if this is considered to be the fourth installment, this game excludes other expansion packs.

There is already a follow up to Modern Warfare, which also bears the same title. This video game is not similar to video games of this sort since its setting is not situated during the Second World War but rather, it is said to be during the modern period. For two years this game was in the works. It also makes use of a game engine that is proprietary.

Players would see that the story of this video game is set in the future. There is a leader that has actually decided to go for a coup d’etat in the area of the Middle East.

At the same time, there is also a so-called movement of the Ultranationalist and this has instigated a war in the area of Russia. Players would feel that the different events of the said conflicts are seen in the eyes of a commando of the British SAS, and of a marine who is part of the Americans. The players would be situated at different locations like the areas of Prypiat, Ukraine, Middle East, as well as in Azerbaijan, Russia.

If you would like to play the game in multiplayer mode, then you may do so, and there are different kinds of modes that you may choose from. It is also equipped with a system for leveling wherein each player would have the means to gain access to weapons that may be added to current ones, attachments for the weapons, as well as schemes for camouflage. Players would also be pleased to know that there are now newer and much more effective kinds of weapons, as well as technology that they would surely find useful. The characters may now also use goggles for night vision as well as highly innovative weapons.

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