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DIABLO 2 download osxThe gameplay of the second installment of Diablo, entitled Diablo II, is considered to be similar to the first one. However, regardless of this case, Diablo II was tweaked in such a way that a player might not even be able to recognize where it actually came from. The game Lord of Destruction is an expansion pack of this game. Players would be able to choose from seven different characters. The characters in Diablo II include the Sorceress, who functions as the master of magic, which is elemental in nature;

Paladin is the one who is able to empower the techniques that he uses with the aid of auras that are power-enhancing; and the Barbarian who makes use of brute force and at the same time various techniques with the use of the weapons. Another character is the Necromancer, who is able to raise his skeleton and has minions.

The gameplay of Diablo II is definitely much better compared to the first installment. The waypoints now allow the players to be taken to one place after the other, unlike going through one single dungeon. There are four acts in the game. Every quest that should be completed has a boss or in other cases, there are only very few to battles to defeat. With regard to the characters, every character has the capability to do different kinds of skills and at the same time, is able to cast spells. These skills may be developed and learned, which gives the player a chance to become more hands-on with the character being used. Items found in this game are not only constrained to those kinds of items that are used for magic, may be used normally or uniquely, but at the same time, items in this game are rare in the sense that the attributes together with the names are used for each item. With the use of these items, the players would now have all the means when it comes to power. Boots, together with gloves, are now readily available through this second installment of Diablo. The Tomes on this game now hold numerous scrolls of Town Portal.

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