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Doom 3 download osxIf you are in for some horror or science fiction game, then Doom 3 is just the right game for you. Whether you intend to play this as a single player or with friends, surely, you would have a great time. The game takes place in Mars, in 2145. There is a conglomerate that is about to establish a research facility in that planet so that they would be able to develop in the fields of teleportation, as well as in biological research, together with the design for advanced weapons. But the thing is, the experiment for teleportation is actually the gateway going to Hell.

This in turn results to the invasion of the demons. You would play the role of a space marine who should be able to fight his way through the planet and the facility. The player would also have to think of ways as to how the invasion of these demons may be stopped from attacking the planet Earth.

Similar to the earlier Doom games, all you have to do is to accomplish the primary objective of passing through all the levels, and of course, defeat the enemies. It is interesting to know that this video game is more centered on the story, and implies that you would be able to meet more characters, who, even if not actually part of the game, would give out relevant information, and at the same time, provide items for the inventory. Players may now make use of ten weapons which would help the player survive throughout the game. Firearms and even certain kinds of explosives found on the game includes a shotgun, grenades, submachine gun, as well as a plasma weaponry that is experimental, and even a chainsaw. In this game, players would also be able to observe that the enemies would come in various forms, and they also have diverse abilities as well as tactics. But to simply put it, the enemies may either be in the form of a zombie or a demon. The zombie may attack the player by means of the zombie’s hands. The demons, on the other hand, make use of their spines or claws.

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