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PREY download osxThe video game Prey is a kind of shooting game which may be played by one player. It utilizes a version of id Tech 4 that is greatly modified so that it would be able to make use of portals as well as gravity for the creation of the environment where the player is going to move about. The focus of the game is on the character Cherokee Domasi Tawodi. Together with his girlfriend and his grandfather,

they go on board a spaceship since they were abducted by aliens, and the spaceship is named The Sphere since it eats up material, whether it is living or non-living, so that it would be able to sustain its life. Because of the past of Tommy’s Cherokee, it is possible for him to make the spirit that he has, to move about without any constraint. Due to this, he has an advantage in his quest to prevent the Sphere from eating up materials.

In this video game, the players would be able to gather numerous weapons of the alien, which may even be compared to shooter archetypes that are also in first-person. This is a one-of-a-kind game since it provides two different aspects with regard to exploring the game. It is possible for the player to go from one place to another in an instant by means of the different portals. These portals may also be shot and at the same time looked through. A player may also travel through it even if it would be in reverse. Variable gravity is also featured in this video game. There are special paths that make it possible for you to walk on these paths, in an upright position no matter what the orientation may be. However, if for instance the player would fall off or jump, the gravity would make it possible for the player to reassert the position. The tiny planetoids in The Sphere may also show gravity fields, which in turn, make it possible for every player to walk outside the area of these planetoids. The spirit of Tommy may also be detached from the body.

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