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Quake Live download osxYou should first create an account for Quake Live, and once you are done, you may choose the character that you would like. The selection would come from numerous kinds of creatures. Some players would opt to go for the gargoyle Zael, there is also the alien who has a construct that is considered to be cybronic, named Orbb, or you may go for the human veteran who came from the time of the invasion of the so-called Stroggos.

It is possible that the players are already familiar with the characters since they may have already encountered them in the game Quake 4. It is best to see all the other options which include primary colors as well as the secondary ones which may be utilized for the rail gun or simply for the symbol of the crosshair.

There will be a test match that would run for about 10 minutes and the opponent would be the human trainer by the name of Crash. You would be pleased to know that this character may also be played. This match would determine the level of your skill which would allow the game to suggest certain kinds of matches that would be most appropriate for you since the match would also be against those who also have the same level of ability. Players surely know the feeling that they would get if they would actually get into a match where their skills are not appropriate for that particular match.
The rating that you have may still be reset by simply playing that particular session again. At the so-called Training Center, you would be able to gain more understanding with regard to strafe jumping, as well as rocket jumping. These are considered to be techniques that are most often used by players who have already mastered the game. By means of rocket jumping, you would have the means to reach areas that are not easy to reach, or simply put it, players would be able to leap even higher by means of the rocket launcher, but other weapons that are considered to be explosive may also be utilized.

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