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Sims 3 download osxThere is no doubt that the game Sims 3 is simply irresistible. As a lot of people know, it is a video game that is known for its life simulation, which is part of the franchise of The Sims. This game was released in different parts of the world in the month of June. Like for instance, on June 2 2009, in areas of North America, on the 4th of June, in Australia, and in Europe, on June 5. There are a lot of versions that have already been released, and one of the most recent ones is the game Sims 3: World Adventures. The game was built based on the concept of the game’s predecessors like Sims 2 and the very first Sims.

You would simply control the life of Sims in different kinds of situations and activities, and at the same time, you may build relationships, as if it were in reality. Similar to the first two installments of this game, there is no actual final goal, which implies that it does not have an end. The Sims 3 has a great feature wherein all the Sims in the neighborhood actually age in an instant.

This game is definitely a success, right from the very first day that it was released. During its first week out in the market, it was able to sell out copies of about 1.4 million. Because of this, it was able to dominate the different sales charts in about a month or so. A lot of critics have given reviews that simply praise and commend the game. From Metacrtic, the game was able to get a score of 86%.

The neighborhoods as well as the houses of the Sims are all located in a map that is continuous. This means that whatever is being done outside the home is now given importance just the same way as what is being done inside. In this third installment of The Sims, there is now a “Story Progression” feature, wherein the Sims that are also in the neighborhood may still go on with their lives, even if there is no player controlling them.

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