Download X3: Terran Conflict for Mac OS X

X3: Terran Conflict download osxThe game X3: Terran Conflict is a kind of space simulator that may be played by one player, and in this game, the player would have to navigate through the different sectors which are said to be connected by means of the so-called jumpgates. As you go about the universe of this game, you would be able to see that there are a lot of stations, as well as ships, which builds an economy, and the player must become part of it not only in building, but also in trading.

You should know that this game does not really have an ending, which means that you may have all the means to go around and do different kinds of tasks that you would like to try. But if for instance an instruction for a particular mission has already been given, then it must be immediately accomplished. Alien races are like all over the universe, and the player may take part of it, and choose whether to become an enemy or a friend. However, there are games which do not allow the player to become a friend.

With this game, a player would have the capability to acquire different kinds of properties, which may be in the form of factories, as well as ships. These ships may either be ordered or simply piloted by the player so that it would be able to fight or trade. A player would not be limited as to the number of properties that may be owned. There are different kinds of ships to choose from, and comes in different sizes.

If you are thinking about the kind of combat that may be played, it ranges from dogfights, up to battles for small ships and the big fleets. For the weapons, there are also a lot to choose from. You may want to make use of a laser beam, or a projectile that may either be based on ammo or energy. Mines as well as missiles may also be used. It is interesting to know that every ship may hold different kinds of weaponry, depending on the size of the ship and how the race is constructed.

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