MAME Emulator for Mac OS X

sega saturn mac Unlike other emulators that try to emulate one or maybe a couple of video game consoles the MAME project has taken on the task of emulating all of the different Arcade systems that were ever produced and despite the huge task at hand they have been surprisingly good at this. Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) when coupled with a arcade game backup can reproduce the game on your

Mac at full speed and sound - some would say even better than the original taking into account you don't have to insert year coins to play the game :)

MacMAME 0.103u2
Mac MAME Emulator is an emulator for running Arcade coin-up games on your Macintosh. It is a port of a PC / DOS version of the MAME emulator developed by a non-profit organization that strives to preserve the history of video games by running them on modern machines via emulators. When activated it will be the same old arcade game playing on your modern desktop or laptop.

MAME OS X 0.124
MAME OSX emulator is another port of the MAME project to the Apple OS X only this time it is a native Mac OS X port and as such It is tries to use all the new things in OS X - such as Core Video and Core Image to improve the speed and performance of the emulation and in general give you a better gameplay experience.
How to run MAME OSX on your Mac:

First the software will scan all your game image files and index them to make a list of what is available. After that you can go to rom folder and play the game you want.

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