Commodore C64 Emulator for Mac OS X

commodore 64 c64 emulator macCommodore 64 / C64 - It is in the year 1982 that Commodore 64 was introduced by Commodore International Ltd. to the market. Many users prefer this system over the PC because it comes in many features and advantages. Basically, the reasons behind its popularity are its affordability, the use of 16 colors, and the SID Chip (the built-in 3 channel device for its sound). After its sales went down in 1993, more systems were developed in relation to its features and characteristics.

MacVICE - Together with Commodore 64, this emulator also emulates Commodore 128, VIC-20, PLUS4, CBM-II/C610, and almost all PET models. Its latest version can be used for X11 and it has some Cocoa version that is still under development.


This emulator runs in PowerPC with Mac OS X. It emulated Commodore 64 but can only be used for Mac. It also has some restrictions in using until a full registration for its use will be made.

This is a user-friendly emulator for Intel Macs that emulates the Commodore64. Though its compatibility is not quite impressive as the other emulators available for Commodore 64 and is still in Beta release, its makers are claiming that it improves every time that it is released.

commodore64 emulator

This is an emulator of the Commodore 64 under the platform for Macintosh. It is a universal binary and runs under Mac OS 10.4 and other preceding versions. Since it is a creation of Richard Bannister, it also needs an Emulator Enhancer to enjoy added feature. According to him, it is overcome by Power64 in performance. However, it was also considered by many as the leading emulator for Commodore 64 under the Mac system.

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