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windows xp mac emulatorWindows on Mac (DOS, Windows XP and Vista)
Even from a long time ago, different companies have been contesting to come up with a program that can make Windows work on Mac. With PowerPC’s, the Windows software program runs slowly because it still needs to use an emulator. But with Intel Mac, the process is bit more convenient and faster.

iEmulator - This is an open source emulator of PC and makes use of the same code as QEMU. It runs in universal binary and available for PowerPC and Intel Mac users. Though with the same code, this emulator is easier to use and has great technical support. The front-end of QEMU, which is the graphical front-end Q, can also be used for this. It can work with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and DOS platforms.

zxsp comes in Universal Binary and can be used by Intel Macs and PowerPC users. It is a simulator for Sinclair ZX Spectrum in its multiple models. Even more, Amstrad, the company who took over Sinclair, made ZX Spectrum ROMs available together with this simulator.

This is an emulator with a processor that is open source. It has good emulation speed and uses good translation. It comes in x86, x86_64, ARM, SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC, and many others. It has front-ends that allow easy set-up to for this emulator. Though it is difficult to run, these front-ends make it easy.

This emulator can be used by Intel Mac and PowerPC users with Mac OS X. This is an x86 DOSbox emulator. Because of this, it makes every DOS game available and playable in its system without worrying about the configuration. By just double-clicking the game, a user can already enjoy it.

Looking for Apple OSX emulator for Windows 7. Mac OSx86 is what You need!

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