Dreamcast Emulator for Mac OS X

dreamcast mac osx emulatorSEGA Dreamcast Mac Emulator
This is the last console made by Sega Corp. It was released to the Japanese market in the year 1998 and following that year, it was introduced to the European and American market. It has the first of its kind performance since it is the first console which included a modem and built-in support for online gaming. It was the success made by Sony Playstation in 2000 that prompted the Sega Dreamcast to stop its production in 2001. Instead, Sega just produced other games through other consoles.

LXDream - is an emulator of Sega Dreamcast which can only be used for Intel Macs with Mac OS 10.4 running in its system or other preceding versions of the OS. Though it is still new, it does a great work of running different games and demos. Dreamcast mac emulator.

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