Nintendo DS Emulator for Mac OS X

pokemon ds mac emulatorNintendo DS - This version from Nintendo is released in 2004.  It has a unique appearance and performance because it has two screens. The bottom screen of this system is touch-sensitive and comes with a stylus. It also has a microphone where the player can speak or blow with. A new version is developed in the year 2006. This new one is smaller in shape and has better screens.

- An emulator for the DS version of Nintendo, DESmuME runs for Mac OS X. It works well for Homebrew and some commercial games. It has features on sound and touchscreen ability. It comes with a stylus for the touch-sensitive screen. It also performs well in Intel Macs and PowerPC’s with Mac OS X.

Note: On PC the best DS emulator is No$GBA, but don't expect a Mac NoGBA version soon as the sole developer behind the No$GBA (Martin from Germany) does not have a Mac and is unlikely to make a No$GBA version for Mac. Also porting NoGBA to Mac would be extreamly hard as it is written in x86 ASM. Download Latest Verion No$GBA.

What should I do to stop the emulator from crashing whenever I load a game?
This crash is bound to happen if you are using the same firmware you have used for DS games to run the No$GBA emulator. You can use eNDryptS or NDStool for encryption though you might have to deal with some issues if you are using Windows 10.
Pokemon emulator for iPhone . But the bottom line is that you don’t need to use firmware if you are to run the No$GBA emulator because it already has the feature that can let it run as per its emulation. You would not even need the No$GBA.ini file because you would need a new file while running the emulator. If you don’t delete the No$GBA.ini file, it might corrupt some of your files. But after you delete the file, you have to configure the No$GBA setting from scratch.

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