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zelda n64 macUltra64 / Nintendo 64 - Even if during the 1990’s it was already the 32-bit CD-ROM was the public’s demand, Nintendo still defied the norm. Instead, it made use of silicone-based cartridge and 64-bit processor, the fastest data storage and computer chip, respectively, to come up with Ultra 64, which was later called as Nintendo 64. Because of its system, this version can run great 3D images.

It was in July 18, 1994 that its name was released to the public. It should have made its release on April 21, 1996 in the USA but was later pushed back within 5 more months because the manufacturer still created more systems for the expected demand.

The Mupen64 emulator was originally compatible with the Linux system but was later translated to other platforms including the Mac OS X. It runs for Intel Mac and PowerPC users and is a universal binary. It also emulates many Nintendo games.
Mupen 64 Plus
This is the improved version of the Mupen64 that was released before it. This version had more accurate performance than the earlier one. It comes with some libraries so it is essential that the user read the manual carefully before installing this version. Also, it runs in Intel Macs.
This emulator is one of the leading emulators for Nintendo 64. It runs under PowerPC and Intel Macs and is a universal binary. It can emulate many Nintendo games perfectly. Registering the version, at the same time, gives more advantages over the emulator. The auto-saving and game freezing features are just some of the options to be enjoyed if the emulator is registered.

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