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snes mac emulatorSuper Nintendo Entertainment System / SNES
Even if it the Nintendo team for this version was still in their planning stage, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was pulled out for an urgent release when the 8-bit version started to decline on its sales in the year 1991. At that time, it was already clear for Masayaki Uemera, the version’s designer, that this game system should have an affordable production cost.

They needed to add $75 to the cost of each unit upon its release. However, the president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, did not like the idea. He, instead, thought of coming up with NES cartridge adapter but was never realized.

The main goal of this emulator is to provide the best experience and most accurate emulation for SNES. This version requires an Intel Mac or G5 to run efficiently and fast enough. It cannot emulate some of the SNES games making it unable to play such games like the Star Fox’s Super FX. Because it is another creation of Richard Bannister, it needs the Emulator Enhancer to enjoy additional features. Also, it runs under universal binary.
This is a highly compatible emulator for SNES. It is a freeware and portable version which comes with different versions. It was initially ported by John Stiles to Mac platform. It runs under universal binary and Intel Mac and PowerPC users can enjoy it.
This is the most compatible emulator for SNES which is released in 2001. It is also the fastest but inaccurate in some technical aspects. This is available through Intel Macs. Originally, it was created for DOS and was later changed to Windows and Linux systems. The first version, the one for Mac OS X, was released in June 2006. A new and unofficial version was released on February 2007 by Krade, member of ZSNES board.

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